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Serving Northern Virginia since 1995



National Board Certified, NCCAOM

Traditional Acupuncture


T.W. said "Mentally and emotionally I have improved dramatically -- a difference of night and day.  I am now enjoying a better balanced physical health.  It is always a joy to meet with Elaine for acupuncture."


D.J. wrote --


That is all I can say.

Last Friday I literally dragged myself to your office for my treatment....  I expected to have my session with you, return home, and pull the covers back over my head for the rest of the weekend.

Well as I drove home from my session with you, I felt better and better with each mile.  By the time I got home the pain was a dull ache, nothing like the normal intense pain I experience. I could not believe it.  My husband even commented that I looked better.

You have given me more relief than 2 surgeries and years of meds.



Elaine Wolf Komarow is a Board Certified (NCCAOM), Licensed Acupuncturist who has been in private practice in Northern Virginia since 1995.

Acupuncture is one branch of Chinese Medicine.  Chinese Medicine is a complete philosophy and consists of a set of diagnostic and treatment principles by which an organism is brought to harmonious balance.  This leads to the elimination or reduction of symptoms and enables the organism to meet the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of life in a healthy and  productive manner.

Acupuncture is wonderful at treating chronic illness as well as acute conditions.  As an added bonus, most clients also report an increased sense of well being and calm as a result of treatment.

Given that acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years, it is not surprising that there are many acupuncture traditions within Chinese Medicine.  Elaine has been trained in both the Five Element and Eight Principle traditions.

I've devoted much of this site to FAQ's (Frequently asked questions), because your questions are what is important.  If your questions aren't answered here, please let me know!

RH from Annandale said:  "About an hour after my appointment with you, I could feel a real difference in the pain level I have been suffering with for the previous 24 hours.

Two hours after the appointment, the pain was GONE! While the surgery aftermath will cause pain when moving for a while longer, and that is expected and natural, the treatments have stopped the constant ache I have felt since my operation 2 weeks ago.

Thank you again, Elaine, for helping me. I slept through the night for the first time since surgery last night!"

Serving Northern Virginia

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